Wednesday, June 4, 2014

RtI Extension Project

RtI Extension Project
By: Evan

In R.T.I. we are doing a book report. My partner and I are comparing two books and switching the characters by making a sketch. First we picked the books then we picked how we would compare them. Now we are reading the books and then we will make the sketch and present it to the class.

Teacher Note: Our district divides students into grouping for RtI and focuses on the skills each group needs. The extensions group is our highest group of students who need to continue to push themselves in Reading and Language Arts. Resources from our extension teacher, Sarah Kasprowicz, can be found on her amazing Google Site.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Door Decorating Contest

Door Decorating Contest
By: Rebecca

We did a door decorating contest in Merton School. Each class made a door with the moral of teamwork! I couldn’t help make our door, but it looked amazing. Each grade had a winner, and then an overall winner. The Door Decorating Contest is a fun and creative way for Merton School to show its spirit!

Teacher Note: This contest was sponsored through our student senate as part of "teamwork week"

Monday, June 2, 2014


By: Katelyn

This year I have really enjoyed band. I had always wanted to do it  when I was younger. I know that ever since I heard that the saxophone was in the school band, I was so excited. I’ve always wanted to do it, the first time I found out about the saxaphone. When I got to 5th grade, I knew the instrument I wanted to do right away. The saxophone!!

The saxophone is one of the loudest instruments. It has a very interesting sound. this year I have been doing pretty well at this instrument, because every other day all of the students that do band, go up to the band room, and we all practice songs for the concerts. It’s lots of work. 

I’ll never forget the time we all groaned at learning one of our songs, but at the end of the class, we were really good at the song. The music teacher never gives up on us, so we get better and better every time 

We also have lessons individually. For this we also go up to the band room. When we get up there we put our instrument together and get ready for the band teacher to help you. We have music books that teach us the new things we need to know in reading music, such as slurs and accents. There are so many other things that we have learned or still need to learn. It’s like almost anything, you have to practice. In band we practice a lot. In the band room all together, and individually in the band room. Also at home. With all of this practice we are required to do, we can get to be the best at all of our instruments that we signed up to do.

I have had so much fun doing band this year. I know that I’m going to  it next year as well. Maybe I’ll have even more fun next year when I do.

Teacher Note: Thank you to our fabulous band directors for instilling such a love of music in so many of my students this year. Tracey McGinnis and Dana Erato are wonderful with the kids and with the program they run. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Hardcover Books

Hardcover Books
By: Trevor

My Experience

My hardcover was about a hunting trip gone wrong. It was hard at first to get ideas, but once I got the introduction done my ideals started rolling and my book became really good. Then when I was finished with my story we had to print the story on special paper. Then when I was done printing, I had to make the pictures for the book and that when it got pretty hard. I’m not a good drawer so it was hard for me because these pictures were going in my book and I wanted them to a the least look good. After I finished my pictures I thought to myself,” that wasn’t that hard to draw those pictures. My book came out very good. The hardcover book project was really fun to me.

Class Experience

Our teacher gave us around one and half weeks to make our hardcover books. For some people that was a problem some people did a lot of poems and other people did some super long stories. The whole class did the hardcover books so at writing time everyone was doing something, some people were on their pictures and other people might  be on writing their intro.   You always had something to do in writing with our hardcover books. You could  be printing your book or writing or making Illustrations. I think our class really liked the hardcover books. I know that I would want to do that again.

Teacher Note: This project was made possible through Student Treasures. I will admit I was unsure at first and that it seemed too good to be true. This is our second year creating the books, and the kids really do get to become published authors at no cost to the family or district.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pickles Projects

Ketchup and Pickles
By: Jon

In the past year I have done some pretty fun things.Yet the most fun thing had to be Ketchup and Pickles in writing class. Sometimes we got to write something that is completely for fun. In case you don’t know Ketchup and Pickles is on Fridays when we catch up on work or do free writing.

In the first quarter, we were aloud to write anything from Comics to Sci-Fi to Folklore. I chose to write a LOT of comics. During second and third quarter, we had a “bingo sheet”. We had to pick five squares in a row and write the assignments. It was slightly less fun, yet still good. In this quarter, I don't know what were doing, but I’m sure to find out soon (I’m hoping to draw more comics) .

Pickles was truly one of the best things to do in writing class on Fridays. Because there were a whole lot of choices in the units, it made writing a blast. 

If you would like to see an example of a Pickles project click below to learn more about the video game portal. I had a bunch ‘o’ fun doing Pickles this year.

Teacher Note: This idea was adapted from an idea I saw online. Thank you to Amanda Northrup for sharing your Bingo Boards online for options for my students. Click Here for access to the boards I used with my students. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Recess Debate

Recess Debate
By: Jack

Could you imagine a day in fifth grade without one recess?  Our principle, Mr. Posick, was thinking of not having recess for us kids!  Maybe it sounds hard to believe but he was considering it!  Thats when the debate started in all the fifth grade classes in Merton.

There were arguments for both for and against recess.  About half our class was  for keeping recess and I was one of them.  The other half was against keeping recess. Both sides were very strong but I think keeping recess was the more powerful argument. It was a fun experience too. My favorite part was when all the students that were picked to represent each side for each class got together with the principal and talked about it. It was so fun to hear all the different arguments. Some of the arguments for keeping recess were related to exercise, fresh air, being too anxious in class and obesity. Some arguments to get rid of recess were related to injuries and having more time for learning.

During the discussion I learned how to debate and research my opinion. I also learned what you all need to have a good debate.  All in all it was a fun experience.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering
By: Jonathan

In science we did a unit on being a environmental engineer. We learned about oil spills, whether something is really acidic or really basic and about food chains and ecosystems.
In the first part we learned what a oil spill can do a body of water and it is not pretty. We also learned how we could help. In the second part how to identify if something is really acidic or basic, we used ph strips and tested bottles off dirt and water. Last, we learned about how animals depend on one another to survive in the wild.

In conclusion I really enjoyed this unit it in science because Mrs. iwanski made it really fun to do.

Teacher Note: For this unit we used the EIE A Slick Solution Kit. Additional materials can be accessed through our Science Website